About Us


Robert L Wilkinson


Robert L Wilkinson, a Bible student, teacher, and  author residing in Land o Lakes, Florida, has been speaking in tongues and interpreting for more than 40 years. He along with his wife Patti frequently lead entire churches into receiving the holy spirit into manifestations and also many into interpretation of tongues. and prophecy.  They oversee a home fellowship and conduct intense training sessions for visiting students. 

Patti Wilkinson


Patti Wilkinson, a woman in love with God and the Lord Jesus Christ! She began her journey in 1977 with a Bible class and speaking in tongues,  which dramatically changed her life and her relationship with God.  She has studied the Bible ever since, and led hundreds of people into speaking in tongues.  She and her husband travel and  teach God's people HOW to operate all nine manifestations of the gift of holy spirit.  

Prayer Partners


We have a small but dedicated group of prayer partners around the world, we would love you to join us!